Salvage Edge

Salvage Edge: New Vinyl to Vinyl Welding system improves seam strength on vinyl decks and flooring!

Over the years, welding vinyl together has been a nightmare with seams coming apart. We have made a system where you can weld vinyl to vinyl so the seams don’t come apart anymore.
We are making our vinyl with a salvage edge. The vinyl edge has absolutely no backing. This makes for a much cleaner weld. Vinyl to vinyl with no residue, making the welded edge much stronger and lasting much longer.
This is why we offer Pre-Fabs (making one sheet of vinyl) to homeowners who want to save some money. Very easy to install in a one-step process: just glue it into place!

Sample Colors

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Granite Rock

Armor Decking

Grey Marble

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Brown Marble

Armor Decking

Pearl Grey

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Business Armor Decking

Mahogany Plank

Business Armor Decking

Colour Comparison

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New Edge