Vinyl Decking Installed by an Armor Deck Representative.

We can have you enjoying your low maintenance Armor Deck vinyl decking in the near future. Armor Deck and its representatives have installed millions of square feet of vinyl decking for thousands of satisfied customers. Backed by an intensive training program Armor Deck certified installers are fully qualified to install your new sundeck or patio surface. Email today for a free estimate and further information.
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DIY Vinyl Decking

Take the hassle and some of the money out of your vinyl decking installation by doing the work yourself. Armor Deck offers its consumers a few options in the DIY category. You can buy the vinyl decking and all the suggested supplies and install your Armor Deck vinyl deck from scratch. This would include you the consumer doing all the welding, sanding, gluing and vinyl deck installing. Or you can choose a simpler version what we like to call a “prefab”.

Armor Deck Prefab
You supply the size and choose the colour and we provide the vinyl decking already welded to fit your sundeck. A prefab comes sized to fit.
For example you choose 66 mil Grey Marble and your deck is 11’x11’. We would send you a 12’x12’ section of 66 mil Grey Marble vinyl already welded. We add extra to allow for your up the wall area and down the edge area, we do not allow for measurement error.
Ensure your measurements are exact and not an approximate. You the consumer would be required to prepare your sundeck surface for installation and you would need to purchase the necessary supplies to adhere your vinyl decking. You would then follow given instruction on how to install the vinyl decking.
Given that the welding or heat seaming has already been done for you, you avoid the time and labour consumption involved in the waterproof welding portion of the installation. Armor Deck carries the other supplies you would require for your vinyl decking installation such as glue, flashing and edge clip.
Please note given weight restrictions with current freight companies the prefab may have to come in one or more pieces. Weight and shipping requirements are beyond the control of Armor Deck and are in place for the best interest of the consumer.
Remember we all have different skill levels and what may take one a certain amount of time may take another longer to perform. Choose the decking option that best suits you and your needs.
Contact Armor Deck for a DIY vinyl decking quote. Ensure you have your measurements when you email or call 1-888-559-1955.That new patio or sundeck is only a click away.

Armor Deck Vinyl Decking Installation Instructions

Pre-application Information
Please consult your city building code to ensure that you are following correct installation regulations for your area.

Measuring: How much Armor Deck vinyl decking and supplies will you need?

Armor Deck vinyl decking sheets come 60 and 72 inches wide. Vinyl decking material seams (overlaps) may run parallel or perpendicular to the structural wall. It is up to the consumer/applicator to measure and determine the most economical and weatherproof way to lay the Armor Deck vinyl decking membrane.

In order to estimate the approximate amount of vinyl decking membrane required allow for:
the sundeck surface area i.e. 10’x10’.
2-3 inches down the PVC flashing around the open perimeter of the sundeck (if required)
3-6 inches up the wall face perimeter of the sundeck (ensure the maximum height possible)
1 inch for every overlap seam being used on the sundeck surface.
To estimate the amount of PVC flashing needed measure the outside open perimeter of the sundeck surface. Armor Deck flashing is available in 8’ lengths.
To estimate the amount of adhesive needed first calculate the square footage of vinyl decking being installed. For every 100 square feet of vinyl decking you will need approximately 1 gallon of adhesive.
To estimate the amount of Armor Deck Liquid Weld needed to complete your decking installation you will need to calculate the total lengths of your vinyl decking seams, sundeck perimeter and any sundeck posts or drains you will be wrapping or seaming together. For every 80 linear feet of vinyl decking seam or edge you will require approximately 1 bottle of Armor Deck Liquid Weld.
Please note that these measurements are based on estimates every decking installation will be different and may require more or less product than suggested.

Preparation Work
1. Ensure that you have all the supplies and the materials required to complete your Armor Deck vinyl decking installation. Ensure that reasonable measures have been taken regarding weather exposure and installation timing.
2. Clean your sundeck surface of items and debris; sweeping away any dust and dirt.
Installing Armor Deck Flashing
3. Install the Armor Deck PVC flashing around the open sundeck perimeter hammering deck nails into the flashing every 4 to 6 inches, install extra nails at all corner or turning points of the perimeter. Ensure the flashing covers all open perimeter areas from house wall to corners and back again to house wall.
4. Using an outdoor floor leveling compound (ask your building store professional for suggestions) fill all sundeck surface joints, indentations, imperfections and flashing/surface joins. Note: Read and follow the instructions on the leveling compound you have chosen to use. Suggestion: fill the voids and feather the leveling compound out, once the compound is dry sand the surface free of lumps and ridges, discard all excess compound and dust.

Installing Armor Deck Vinyl Decking Membrane
5. Lay the Armor Deck vinyl decking sheets in the predetermined location on your sundeck surface. Start at the exterior of your sundeck surface, the point furthest from the house wall. Allow enough vinyl decking membrane to cover the flashing face. Roll out each adjacent piece of decking membrane ensuring a one inch overlap between pieces.
6. Once you are comfortable with the positioning of all the Armor Deck vinyl decking sheets. Start with the first sheet of vinyl decking furthest from the wall; fold this vinyl sheet back half of its width toward the house and apply Armor Deck adhesive as instructed on the corresponding adhesive container. Let adhesive dry until tacky; test the sundeck surface for tackiness. Unfold the folded vinyl decking sheet onto the glued surface working from the center point of the vinyl decking sheet to the outer edge. Work the vinyl decking with your hands rubbing out any trapped air and imperfections.
7. Repeat step six with the un-adhered section of the first sheet of vinyl decking. This time you will be folding the vinyl sheet width wise away from the house to expose the unglued surface. Note: ensure you fold back the vinyl decking sheet far enough to meet the previously glued surface section. You require the vinyl decking sheet to be fully adhered to the sundeck surface area.
8. Repeat steps six and seven for any remaining sheets of Armor Deck vinyl decking being installed on the sundeck surface area. Remember to allow for a 1 inch overlap between each sheet of vinyl decking material.
Tip: Do not use Armor Deck adhesive to adhere the overlap sections between the Armor Deck vinyl decking sheets this is where you will apply the Armor Deck Liquid Weld or use a heat welding tool.

Welding Armor Deck Vinyl Decking
9. Expel a ½” bead of liquid weld on to the vinyl decking material ½” in from the vinyl decking overlap edge. Once liquid weld has been distributed the lengths of the sundeck seam continue to follow installation specifications located on the Liquid Weld Container.
You can use a vinyl decking heat gun for sealing the seam area. These tools can be rented from your local hardware store.
DO NOT use both Liquid Weld and a heat gun on the same area – discolouration will occur.

Finishing Your Sundeck
10. Once you have installed the vinyl decking membrane up the wall to the height of your choice (minimum 3”) use a utility knife to trim the vinyl decking membrane evenly. Remember to tuck the vinyl decking tightly into all corners and angles before trimming. Ensure that the vinyl decking is adhered to the wall face before continuing, extra minimal amounts of adhesive may be added to achieve wall bondage.
11. Apply an exterior grade caulking to where the vinyl decking membrane ends on the wall face. Ask your hardware professional if you are unsure of what brand or type you require.
12. To finish the outside edge and the corners trim the vinyl decking sheets to the edge of the Armor Deck PVC flashing evenly and adhere.
13. At an inside wall corner fold the vinyl decking membrane in a triangle back on itself and weld this area together using a heat gun tool or Armor Deck Liquid Weld.
14. At an outside wall corner cut the vinyl decking to ensure that the vinyl decking membrane covers the sundeck surface area and up the wall face. A correct slice in the vinyl decking membrane should create an open triangle of wall around the outside corner. Important: Do not extend the slice through the vinyl decking membrane on to the sundeck surface. Ensure that the vinyl decking membrane is fully adhered to the sundeck surface and the wall substrate. Cut a pre-measured piece of vinyl decking membrane to cover this open triangle of wall allotting for a ¼” overlap and weld this area together using a heat gun tool or Armor Deck Liquid Weld.
15. Clean up, Relax and Enjoy

Decking Tips

  • A drop cloth or household wax paper can be used to prevent adhesive from getting on unwanted surfaces.
  • Use a paint brush to get adhesive into the hard to reach areas of your sundeck surface such as corners and up the wall face.
  • When testing the adhesion areas for tackiness test the sundeck surface.
  • Try to avoid getting adhesive on to the unwanted areas. If adhesive does get onto the unwanted areas wait till it dries and clean up with a clean dry cloth. Do not use solvent or hazardous chemicals.
  • For an even finish smooth out caulking with a wet rag or scrap of vinyl decking membrane.