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Interested in making decking your career? Armor Deck offers geographical distributorships for those passionate about decking solutions. Join us and establish a thriving vinyl decking business in your designated area. Let’s build success together.

Distributorship Opportunities

Be your own boss. Why punch a time clock when you could be punching zeros into your cheque?
Distributorships allow one to create their own business opportunities with the support of proven know how and expertise. Armor Deck ‘s vinyl decking distributorships allow one to (A) lock in a reserved geographical area or (B) operate a decking business in an open area along side others. You get to guide your business the way you want, put in the effort, time and finances that meet your needs.

Geographical Distributorship
Armor Deck geographical distributorships are for the individual that wants to make decking his or her career. A distributorship is a vinyl decking business in a specified area whether it be a city, a municipality or grouping of such.

What comes with an Armor Deck Distributorship?

  • Estimation Training.
  • Installation Training.
  • Manuals and Literature.
  • Advertising Support.
  • Reserved Distribution Area.
  • Access to Business Know How.
  • A Team of Vinyl Decking Experts for Reference and Support.
  • Distributor and Installer Networking Opportunities.
  • Continual Training in Industry Advances.

Inquire about becoming an Armor Deck Distributor. Email us and we will send your information package out today. Your own business is only a click away.