Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you clean Armor Deck vinyl decking?
    You can clean your vinyl decking with a mild dish soap and warm water, scrubbing with a soft bristle brush. For stain removal contact our office for the best and up to date solution.
  2. Can you use bleach on Armor Deck Vinyl decking? You should always refrain from using bleach or other chemicals on your vinyl decking surface, even if the chemicals have been watered down. For stain solutions contact our office for the best and up to date solution.
  3. How long will my Armor Deck vinyl decking last? With proper care and maintenance your vinyl decking could last you 15 -20 years. Remember to check your vinyl decking for tears and repairs, maintaining your decking products will help to increase their life. Check and replace all silicone, caulking and polyurethane on a regular basis. These items are located at vinyl decking stop points and where railings mount. Waterproofing is key, seal the area with a recommended caulking. If in doubt contact our office for the up to date solution.
  4. Can Armor Deck vinyl decking be repaired? Yes, if you tear your vinyl or the plumber or electrician drilled through it or someone used it as an ash tray you can repair it. Contact your Armor Deck Representative for a repair assessment. Remember the sooner the better; water can find the smallest hole.


Facts About Waterproof Vinyl Decking

  1. What is the key purpose of vinyl decking?Vinyl decking sheet goods was developed primarily to waterproof the surface and space below, while protecting against structural rot. Vinyl decking has been enhanced to allow skid resistance and low maintenance protection.
  2. What about aesthetics, appearance and the colour of the vinyl decking will it last?The primary function of vinyl decking is waterproofing. The surface and initial appearance of the vinyl will vary over time and exposure to the elements will cause deterioration. This deterioration and or fading do not affect the waterproofing function of the vinyl decking. Maintenance of the vinyl decking on a regular basis helps with appearance but does not sustain appearance.
  3. Does the vinyl decking have seams?Seams are the joining point for vinyl decking sheet goods. Some vinyl decking sheets run five feet wide some run six feet wide. Given your vinyl decking choice seams will appear approximately every 5 to 6 feet. The vinyl decking is fused together at the seam point using professional heat source tools.  Seams are visible, they will appear as a slight raise in the vinyl and the edge of the seam may appear slightly glossy. Seams in a patio wider than 5 feet are unavoidable and required by building code.
  4. Vinyl decking and your substructure? Vinyl decking is a manufactured flooring material and is only as thick as the product you have chosen.  Vinyl decking will not change the slope, or the waves in your deck surface these items should be corrected prior to vinyl decking installation. The better the surface the better the vinyl decking installation, you can only work with what you are given. Given that all surfaces are not constructed 100% flat or sloped water and dirt will collect in variable areas of the deck surface please follow your maintenance manual.
  5. Can you stain vinyl decking?Vinyl decking like other materials can be stained by accident. Paints, tars, chemicals, bleach and some oil products can leave staining on the vinyl decking surface. Plants and other biodegradable items when left for a period of time can also stain the vinyl decking surface. Follow your given cleaning instructions to maintain a clean patio surface. 

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